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How To Become A Member Of FWOECC On PlayCricket

How To Become A Member Of FWOECC On PlayCricket

Iain Wingfield26 Apr 2021 - 14:51
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Registering with the club to play league cricket

With the 2021 season only a couple of weeks old, we are still picking up new players, all of which need to register as members of the club on in order to play league cricket. In days gone by, before the advent of GDPR, we would just ask you for your details and enter them into the database, then register you with the league. Job done.

Only, we can't do that any more. GDPR means that you have control of your data, and how it's used. So YOU now have to apply to become a member of the club by filling in your details so that we can approve your membership and register you with the league (you can't play unless you're registered!). The club still has all of the information we need to contact you, but you control whether it is made public, or kept safely in our database for only the admins to see. The link below takes you to a handy 'How to...' page on PlayCricket that takes you through the process step by step:

How Do I Become A Member Of My Club's Website? -

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